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Hello and thank you for visiting our site. My name is Bob LaRocca and I've been a Locksmith for 52 years. We moved to FL. in 1987 from New Jersey where I owned and successfully operated a Locksmith Business for over 14 years.                                                                     

Many of our repeat residential and commercial customers begged us not to leave New Jersey as, in their opinion, there was no one else they could actually rely on in their time of need or emergency situation. But due to the everlasting harsh winter whether conditions, we moved for warmer, brighter horizons.
We moved to Citrus County over 16 years ago from West Pasco County. Many of our local friends and neighbors suggested many times, I should go back into my own business. With my over 49 years experience and dedication to exemplary customer service, I decided to once again open my locksmith business.

Our goal has always been and will always be to provide excellent, reliable, trustworthy customer service at a fair, reasonable price. We shop at the same stores and attend many of the same Community Functions as our customers and we can be proud of the fact that we have never had to duck or hide from anyone, anywhere. 

We have always believed in building a strong, lasting friendship with our customers. In return, our customers feel assured knowing their homes and businesses are safe and secure by a company who cares about their safety and we appreciate their referrals to their friends and neighbors.

In The Beginning...

As a child growing up, I have always been interested in seeing how things work and what makes them “tick.” I was always going around locking doors and when I was about 6 years old, I accidentally locked my parents out of the house. We were in the back yard gardening at the time and I went inside to use the “facilities” & locked the back door. After a few minutes, my parents wanted to come back in and the door was locked.

They knocked and knocked but I was always taught, never to open the door to strangers. I could not see who it was as it was a solid door with no window and I did not recognize their voices as, they were upset at the time. After this went on for a while, my father had to use the neighbor’s phone to call a local Locksmith to get them back into the house.

I think it cost them around $20.00 to get back in; seemed like a lot of money for 1958. Needless to say when it was all over, I was read the “riot” act about always locking doors behind me. Little did I think at the time, that event would later lead me to a career in the Locksmith Industry.

In my senior year in high school, I began cutting keys by hand with a small vise and round file for the maintenance staff. They were amazed that I was able to make keys fit the locks better then the keys they had originally cut at the local mom and pop hardware store. After I graduated in 1970, I began my apprenticeship with a local locksmith. He taught me all the ins and outs of the trade and after 2 years, I ventured out on my own.

I began working out of the basement in my home in Jersey City, N.J. After 9 months or so, I quickly grew to the point where I needed a larger facility. I opened my first “shop” in Bayonne, N.J. in the heart of the main business district. We were there for many years with many satisfied residential, commercial and automotive customers.

At the time, we were the preferred locksmith of choice for the school district because they knew when they called, even for the smallest problem with a lock, we were always there; ready and more then capable to face whatever challenge was presented to us.

Later in the years that followed, we moved to the Jersey Shore, Toms River, N.J. I always enjoyed being down the shore as a kid, and we always vacationed there during our summer vacations. The pace of life down the shore was much quieter then the hustle and bustle of the city and we quickly adapted. As in the past, our goal was to always provide outstanding customer service at an affordable, reasonable price.

We worked closely with the local police and fire departments as the need arose; especially on the summer weekends when the tourists were locked out of their vehicles. We also provided services for the many motels, hotels and bungalows in the area. Again, we were the preferred choice of Locksmith as we were always ready and available to take care of their needs at their convenience.  

In 1987, we moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. While getting acquainted with the area, I decided to go to work for a local Locksmith Company and take a break from being self employed. I soon discovered this was not the way to go due to the lack of ethics, integrity, pride and quality in the workplace.

Shortly thereafter, I again became self employed and quickly became known as the low price leader in the county for cut keys, products and reliable service. During that time, we also performed work for the United States Coast Guard based at the St. Pete / Clearwater Airport. We were selected because at the time, we were the only Locksmith in the area able to obtain the specialty products, at a fair price, needed to complete the work as required by the government.

In 1997, we moved to West Pasco County to get away from the noise and traffic of St. Pete. Again, we were quickly recognized as a low price leader. Our business had quickly grown to include over 67 commercial accounts including 2 Wal Mart Super Centers; one in Pinellas County and the other in Hillsborough County.

Our residential customers included all of the West Pasco and Pinellas County areas; many of whom would still call me for service after moving to Citrus County in 2007. But with the long traveling distance involved and escalating gas prices, we could no longer provide a reasonable service fee to that area. We are a firm believer in maintaining quality service at an affordable price.

Looking To The Future...

When you call Citrus Lock & Security, you can feel confident you are speaking with a Locksmith with over 52 years of experience and integrity. At Citrus Lock & Security, you will never have to speak with some "after hours" answering service or machine or leave a voice mail message praying someone will get back with you soon. When you have an emergency, time is of the essence and you will always be able to speak directly with the locksmith.

As you can see, my picture is on every page so you will know before hand who to look for and who is knocking on your door before we get to your location. My years of experience have enabled me to fix problems “created” by someone else; therefore saving my customers their hard earned money and their valuable time.

We are committed to being the low price leader in all of Citrus, North Hernando, South West Marion and Levy Counties and we will even accept our competitors published coupons. We are the originator of the $1.79 regular, basic house or business key all day, every day and there is NEVER a coupon required to get that price.

We feel our Senior Citizens also deserve a break as, I’m also one of you. So don’t be afraid to ask for a Senior’s Discount. It’s available all the time; not just certain days of the week. In most cases, we just automatically apply the discount. We also provide discounts for Military Personnel. So if you are an active member of any branch of the service, please let us know.

There is never a “hidden” fee charged for emergencies or after hours service; not even on major holidays. We don‘t believe in taking advantage of anyone just because they have an unfortunate situation. We will gladly provide free estimates over the phone to the best of our ability.

Our philosophy at Citrus Lock & Security is: “A satisfied, happy customer is our best form of advertising.”

Why not give us a call today. We think you will be pleasantly surprised and I look forward to providing you with reliable, affordable, professional service with the up most in ethics and integrity. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable with their Locksmith before they consider hiring our company to perform their service or repair needs. We thank you for providing us the opportunity to service all your Locksmith needs.

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